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At Regent Development we offer a comprehensive range of services to deal with all types of home insurance repair claims. Our specialist teams are fully trained and experienced at dealing with all aspects of the claims process from start to finish.

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A fire in the home can be extremely distressing for the whole family. Not only does it destroy everything of personal value to its owners but the fallout from a fire can lead to further unseen damage that requires professional help to resolve. Policyholders require an understanding customer care advisor to deal with their claim quickly and sensitively. Our team of qualified professionals at Regent are fully trained to deal with all aspects of a policyholders claim ensuring their building work is undertaken with as little worry as possible. As Approved Building Contractors for some of the UK’s largest home insurance companies we operate within their own quality guidelines to ensure standards are maintained and delivered.


Recent years have seen an unprecedented increase in flood insurance claims as homes have been devastated by flood waters that have hit the UK. Whatever the scale of the disaster, from a burst water main to flash flooding the results can be very upsetting. No matter where the water comes from, more than likely it will be contaminated in some way and require specialist treatment to rectify the damage and ensure the safety of the home owner once they return home.
Our fully trained surveyors are able to give a full and detailed evaluation of damage caused by flooding and once the job is in hand, oversee the work from start to finish. Our administration team based at Dartford are also on hand to deal with all aspects of the claim process.

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What is the problem and where is it coming from? Sometimes a problem can occur that isn’t obvious to the eye. For example a leak causing damage may be coming from an underground pipe located beneath an expensive floor. If it’s necessary to damage the floor to locate the leak your home insurance policy may not cover you for the cost of repairing the floor to the same standard. This can cause great anguish and can be an unexpected consequence not planned for. Some insurance companies will offer what is called “trace and access” cover, which covers the cost of tracing the problem and accessing the source to make good. We use state of the art Thermal Image Cameras and damp meters to ascertain the problem to minimise disruption in the home. Our 24 hour emergency service also ensures our teams can spring into action extremely quickly to deal with the problem at hand.


Do I have a subsidence problem? Most homeowners fear the word subsidence but even though there has been an increase in subsidence claims, it’s true to say that most buildings at some time or another suffer minor cracking which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s subsiding.

Subsidence is a downward movement of the ground which supports a building or structure. It can be caused by many factors for example; clay soil that is susceptible to shrinking or swelling, trees or vegetation that can grow underneath a property and displace the foundations, leaking drains and other types of ground movement.

Most homeowners discover they have subsidence once cracks appear indicating movement within the property. It is at this point that policyholders require the skill and expertise of specialists trained to diagnose subsidence correctly and how best to cure the problem. Our surveyors can offer the correct advice and knowledge to deal with this kind of repair work efficiently and quickly to remedy the situation.

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Dealing with the unexpected. When disaster strikes unexpectedly homeowners rely on their insurance companies to remedy the problem and make safe the home as quickly as possible. As Approved Building Contractors for some of the UK’s largest and most respected home insurance companies Regent Development provides a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency service which means we can act immediately to ensure policyholders claims are dealt with as soon as possible. We employ a large office based administration team who are on hand to oversee claims from start to finish and our fully trained surveyors are constantly in the field overseeing building repairs.

Our main focus is always to return the policyholder back to their home as quickly as possible and ensure their expectations are met and delivered in time.


Regent Development Ltd is a Gas Safe Registered company offering fully qualified plumbing and heating services to the insurance industry. We provide fully trained and professionally qualified Gas Safe plumbers and engineers to deal with boiler installations, gas central heating systems, power flush and bathroom and kitchen installations as part of any policyholder claim. Combined with a 24 hour emergency call-out service our operatives can spring into action extremely quickly to deal with the problem at hand and our experienced claims advisors will ensure your claim is dealt with quickly from start to finish.

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Regent Development Limited can offer a comprehensive range of expert services for every electrical requirement from installation, service and maintenance to emergency call outs. Our range of electrical services cover everything from complete electrical installations, maintenance and repair verifications, fire and intruder alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, generator installations, lightning and surge protection and periodic testing and certification.

Our team of engineers offer the technical expertise and experience to ensure all our clients requirements are dealt with professionally and within legislative government standards for electrical safety.


In the past common practice has been to send roofers with ladders and towers to gain access onto a roof and take pictures with a small camera to ascertain damage. This can be exacerbated if there is a porch or conservatory in the way as expensive scaffolding is then required. These reports largely come back with sub-standard images that unfortunately don’t enable us to diagnose the problem adequately. At Regent Development we have invested in state of the art CCTV / Telescopic mast systems that enable us to undertake high level surveys without the need for the inherent danger and expense of access equipment.

The images we can capture in terms of still photographs or CCTV video footage provide superlative justification for roofing works, subsidence extent and validating or repudiating high level works.

The reports are often returned the same day and despite the initial cost of the Technology, we are able to provide the surveys for the same or less than a traditional ladder style roof survey.

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Regent Development Ltd is committed to its equal opportunities policy aimed at ensuring that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of colour, race, age, nationality or ethnic origins. We carry the highly coveted Investors in People accolade and operate a fully comprehensive CITB Construction Skills Training Programme designed to encourage and progress our staff at all levels within the company.

We also work extremely closely with our clients making necessary investment in communication systems that enable our operatives and surveyors to understand their business requirements in order to meet and deliver their policyholder expectations.

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